Get Excited – It’s Time for NaNoWriMo

Scroll down for printable NaNo Calendar 🙂

Last year was the first time I actually won NaNoWriMo (won means made it to 50k in the allotted time in NaNo terms) and it gave me unbelievable boost in confidence. Not to mention, I finally witnessed for myself that making time to write is completely viable even for an eternally tired pigeon like myself.

So this year I have been looking forward to November with a mixture of excitement and smug confidence. Been there, done that, I will be totally bossin’ this time around.

Well… that’s complete bs. Last year I had a great outline and impressive amount of research to back me up. I had not one, but two main characters and a few secondary that I loved. And the story – historical fiction about Ancient Thrace – made me flutter with impatience to get tapping on the keyboard.

This year I have nothing but a huge load of confidence. No story, no characters, no nothing. So wish me luck!

Oh, I got one thing I did not have last year! A printable word count calendar, which I want to share with you. Actually I made two. Take your pick between the minimalist one (write down the total word count every day) and  the girly one (write down daily word counts and compare them to target numbers at the end of the week. Fill in the heart for achieved or surpassed target!)

I hope they are useful and inspire you for great plotting achievements! 🙂

Click on the thumbnail to download.

nanowrimoplan nanowrimocalendar_graphic

How is your NaNoWriMo prep going?




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