The Season of Love for Reading

Disclaimer: I will talk about the seasons today. Please, don’t think we’ve come to a breaking point in our relationship, so much so that we have to talk weather. That is not everything I have to say to you, I promise! 

Autumn. Can you think of a better time in the year to snuggle on the sofa and read, sipping some licorice tea (my soft spot) or coffee (my other soft spot)?

Of course winter would be a formidable contender – the world asleep, framed in the frosted window, the smell of ginger cookies and the promise of holidays…

But autumn does it better for me. After a refreshing, rejuvenating spring and a hot, sunny, sweaty summer, it comes without me even noticing; at first I hate it, I complain about the rain, freeze in the thin clothes I am reluctant to swap for anything bulky and shapeless… then I thank wordlessly for the repose. Look, it’s crappy and cold and raining outside, I can actually stay inside and rest and have my book with me and we are gonna have the best of times, without feeling that incessant need to be outside, to soak up the sunshine, to live, to move, to DO. I can just BE, soaking up words and licorice tea.


The best part is that after a day or so, the sun would break through the clouds, bringing back the memories of summer almost in the flesh and I will shed the shapeless sweater and the melancholic mood. I am Gemini, after all, we can never settle for just one version of ourselves.

The books I read during this fickle season I usually vividly remember, although they are the ones I seem to rush through. Right now I am reading All The Light We Cannot See and if the Pulitzer is not enough a claim to brilliance for you, I vouch for it as well 😉

What is your favorite season for reading? Do you share my enthusiasm for staying in, or you’d rather have the summer back? Would love to read your comments! 🙂


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  1. Zezee says:

    I already miss summer. I miss it so much but I love autumn as well. I love watching the leaves change. I’m more likely to stay in and read when it starts to get colder, when autumn gives over to winter. Oh I hate winter with a passion. In autumn I like to dress in the colors of the aged leaves and go jump in piles of them like a kid.

    1. I absolutely agree about the winter. I used to tolerate it because of the holidays and the vacation from school, but now that I am working it’s really the going out in the cold that gets me the most. Autumn is beautiful, especially when the sun shows up! Then I am in for the jumping in piles of leaves, too!

      1. Zezee says:

        Lol yes, as long as the sun is up and it isn’t raining.

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