About The Purpose of This Blog

No, not another freshman blogger, full of ideas and passion and pink butterflies of awesomeness and uniqueness and bloglovingness and not-aware-of-what’s-coming-ness. Been there, done that. Had two blogs and killed them. (Kill your darlings! Kill your darlings!) Not sure if I’ve had more good blogger days when I believed the world cared for my ramblings; or really bad blogger days, a.k.a blog depression.

I saw the light. Blogging for the sake of blogging – meh. Blogging about a passion and not just ranting about it? Bring it on.

So I am bringing it – my passion for books, that is.

There will be quite a few reviews here. I aim at reviewing all I’ve read, so the Book Review category is a big thing. But…

Pretty Doesome (I will explain about the name later) is not just an extension to my Goodreads profile. It’s more of a lifestyle blog, where life revolves around books and not nail polish. I am sick and tired of the face-off between the trendy girl and the bookish/nerdy girl, as if nerds can’t be just normal trendy couture-wearing people with non-couture related interests. (Ah, well, couture this, couture that – I like saying it). Hence, we have the BookStyle category, but I hate how it sounds, so have a look while it’s still there.


Another big topic is writing. I know of very few avid readers, who do not wish in their heart of hearts to be writers as well. It was the only explicit wish I had when I was a kid.

What do you want to be when you grow up? – grandmas and all kinds of random people asked. Whita! – the six-year-old me replied and put them in their place. Try explaining to a girl who can hardly tie her shoes what a steady monthly income is.

So for the above purpose there come the Memorable Writing category, in which I post bits and pieces of writing that has impressed me with astonishing eloquence or enviable simplicity (unlike this sentence); and  Lessons in Writing, where I put all my Stephen King quotes.

About the title – it rhymes with pretty awesome. The ‘doe’ is a reference to all things Bambi, because at some point I thought it was a brilliant idea to have a doe with a Madhatter hat peep from the top-right corner. I am well past that, but I still like the name.

If you read a lot, tend to like and pin pics with quotes about reading; or get a kick from finding someone to discuss Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie or Thomas Hardy with – nice to meet you and hope you stick around!


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